On one out of every four days, raw sewage over flows in New York.

How to affect change FOR lic THROUGH ULURP

Learn everything you need to know about ULURP, who’s involved and how environmental reviews work.

Public air rights

Why is the city transferring air rights from an unbuildable lot to a private developer and increasing the density of our neighborhood with no immediate tangible benefit for Court Square?

Ways to help a LIC resident in keeping families together

Dozens Gather in Court Square to Welcome Mother Reuniting With Children After Border Separation

Petition: This Land is Our Land - Public Land for Public Use

Help us
take back
our public land

LIC Coalition’s Response to A Better Deal

We very much want to win the 2018 mid-term elections and we absolutely must win the next presidential election in 2020. Our democracy depends on it. But victory is only possible if we are willing to boldly and unapologetically speak to our values, rooted first and foremost in human rights, fairness, justice and compassion for all. As so aptly stated by the late Senator Wellstone, “We all do better when we all do better.” In this same vein, the Party also must speak to voters’ most fundamental concerns, explain clearly how a Democratic majority will translate into a better future not only for this country and all Americans, but for themselves and for their families. To this end, we believe that a return to a Democratic majority can and should be achieved with a united electorate. As borne out repeatedly throughout the history of this country, Democratic values are universal values, after all.

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