This petition has been modified to address our serious need for school seats and a recreation center in addition to the proposed climate change wetlands park.

The Board of Ed Building on Vernon Blvd and 44th Drive has the potential to provide more school seats than any other currently proposed school. The adjacent RFP site can provide educational climate change opportunities, access to the waterfront, and open space – making this one of the most viable areas for our future generations as well as a buffer against sea levels rising.

Additional floors can provide artist and light manufacturing space, a cultural center, a climate change educational center, job training, space for NGOs and more.

The neighboring DOT site is ideal for a recreation center which could include a swimming pool, a skating rink, basketball courts, and other activities.
We the community know how to economically grow from within.

This petition was inspired by the Court Square Civic Association petition calling for planned public open space – a Community need which has become increasingly rare and grossly underutilized by design. This is a chance for Elected officials to respond favorably to the public demands for more school seats and parkland. We will never have a chance to reclaim this city owned property if it is handed over to EDC as proposed.

LIC Coalition presents this petition specifically to protest:



December 14th, 5pm
CUNY Law School 2 Court Square, LIC
Public Scoping Hearing for the waterfront development (not including the already approved Hunter’s Point South but focused on the Anable Basin Rezoning) – this is our chance to have input. When the City starts a neighborhood rezoning, the Department of City Planning (DCP) has to measure the “environmental impact” of the rezoning. This includes things you might think of as “the environment,” like parks and open space, but also impacts on people, businesses, and important places (like schools) in the area.

Call to Action:
Please attend! We need as many people to attend and have their voices heard as possible.